A Look Ahead to Summerdale

Four gay men. Four addictions. One landlord from Hell.

Welcome to Summerdale. I'm very excited for you to meet my new characters in Andersonville, not far from Lakeview, where Gaybash takes place. Summerdale House and its friendly-seeming landlord, Mr. McGreevy, may or may not exist in this non-traditional haunted house story. Mr. McGreevy enables each tenant's addiction until one final life-or-death choice is the only way out. While the house may not exist, enablers like Mr. McGreevy certainly do and that's the true horror of Summerdale.

I'll share updates and teasers about the characters and setting on this website and the Facebook fan page. And I'm very excited to work with graphic artist TD Collins on the chapter and book covers.

Kickstarter in June! So plan on stopping by Summerdale this fall. Mr. McGreevy is waiting...