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I'm very excited to offer Gaybash in e-book and paperback and audiobook! So what are readers saying about Gaybash? Take a look:

"The pulse of the book is very rapid, and the author does a good job of transporting the reader through the mind of the protagonist in a very well-written narrative."

"Gaybash had me in tears and had my heart racing all at once from page to page..."

"Despite being an average straight dude, I can relate to every character in this book... It's a great read that ran me through emotions of love, anger, frustration, sympathy, relief, sadness and even empowerment."

Consider adding Gaybash to your reading collection today, either in e-book or paperback.

Summary: Matt Tompkins, a reserved gay man, has always played by the rules and has created a comfortable but unfulfilling life for himself. When his bold best friend Greg reaps unexpected rewards for standing up for himself in a very public display, Matt's jealousy leads him to risk everything when he's confronted by two attackers. Determined to be more like Greg, a split-second reaction brings astonishing changes to Matt's life--for better and for worse.

Set in Chicago's Lakeview neighborhood, Gaybash explores the boundaries of love and friendship and the unintended consequences of wanting to be somebody else.

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