“As an artist, I feel strongly called to share a message of joy, love, and peace this holiday season...”

I'm very excited to share my 2017 holiday artwork with you (links below). Print the PDFs in color, fold them on the fold lines, and tape them up as wall decorations for Hanukkah and Christmas. Print one, or print 100. Color them in, or print them out on colored paper. Make them yours this holiday season! 



Click on each link to download the above artwork:



I'm proud to share my holiday artwork in loving memory of my Grandma Connie, whose 100th birthday would have been on November 21, 2017. Highly artistic, my grandmother gave her handmade artwork to family and friends as Christmas and birthday gifts. I cherish a Santa Claus ornament she made for me.

A consummate letter-writer, she kept in touch with her five children, seven grandchildren, four great-grandchildren, and five great-great grandchildren, with lovely notes and cards to let us know we that were in her thoughts. Family was a joy to her and I think of her especially at this time of year.

Every November 21st, I will release a new Holiday Artwork Collection of PDFs in her honor. "Happy Hanukkah" and "Joy to the World" are both handmade artwork pieces of Strathmore vellum paper.


Feel free to tag me @davidjaycollins on Twitter and Instagram (or email me at david@davidjaycollins.com) to share how you're using these artwork pieces in your own holiday decorating and celebrations.


All three artwork pieces are licensed as "Free Cultural Works" under the Creative Commons, which allows them to be freely shared, reprinted, and reimagined. Please forward to anyone who would enjoy them.

I'd like to thank TD Collins for his expertise in converting my Holiday 2017 artwork into printable PDFs!