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About David

David signing Summerdale


Thanks for visiting my website. As an author and artist, this is what's most important to me:

  • Sharing hope through my writing
  • Sharing joy through my artwork 
  • Living openly and honestly
  • Honoring family and friends 
  • Welcoming new readers 

On that last point, for many readers, the subject matter in Gaybash reopens painful memories of their own bullying and physical abuse. In confidence, many readers have told me of their lingering feelings of guilt, sorrow, and inadequacy from the abuse they endured while growing up.

I truly hope that through Matt's journey, readers can begin to release these negative feelings. At readings, at events, through email and Insta/Facebook messages, always feel free to share your own reactions. At our best, artists can foster understanding, challenge inequality, and heal pain.


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David is a proud member of...

Authors Guild

Andersonville Chamber of Commerce 


Lakeview East Chamber of Commerce


Lincoln Square Ravenswood Chamber of Commerce